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Seek within!

Life is full of magical moments, most of which live inside of us, awaiting to be discovered. Why do you look to the world to bring you joy, satisfaction, fulfillment? Look within, for in your heart is the light of the world! Within your soul breathes the warmth of the world! This is where you must [...]

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Free Master Nucleus Clearing Uploaded to Site

Here it is - our very special pineal gland clearing of densities! In this healing work we go into  the Master Nucleus to clear the connection and begin the inner expansion of you. Within the Master Nucleus is a compression and density that directly affects the yoke of labors and the seat of control within the lower [...]

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Conquering Fear – June 2016 Newsletter

Class Updates: Synergy Waves are recorded each week and they have been drastically reduced from $87 to $25 each! Even better - they are on sale now until July 15th for $15! Please visit the website and take advantage of this special offer. Synergy is one of our most powerful classes for immediate change! Open Healing Thursday, June 16th - 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is Conquering Fear. [...]

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Universal Meditation Video

Expands and prepares you for change and allowance! This is our signature meditation that is universal and all allowing. It will relax and expand you and assist in preparing you to receive changing shifts. This 5-6 minute spoken word guided mediation will lead you into a peaceful, relaxed state of mind, helping you learn to master the practice [...]

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