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Cooling Archangel Joshua

Channeled by Founder Kristylea I am honored to be speaking to all the mortals of earth plane! When KristyLea asked me to share with her what we as ‘cooling angels’ do and what we are about, I smiled. It is not often that we find one with the ability to channel out words so clearly. [...]

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Love your Neighbor as thyself

I have heard this many times growing up. I have thought about this many times over throughout my life, as well. It seems that in today’s world, we don’t have time to love ourselves, much less others. We are too busy taking care of what needs to be done; work, home, kids, laundry and on [...]

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The Beginning

May 12, 2015 The Beginning: In the beginning, God created the earth……… Wait, wait, wait, I’m not going back that far! Although, I do have a story for you. It is a true story, one about something that I have experienced myself. It is the experience of healing, expansion, awareness and the discovery of a [...]

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