Sit back, relax and allow the energy!

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Come join us on an unprecedentedly easy

conscious path of healing!

bamboo-1886974_1920Your journey toward change and healing is so simple, that our catch phrase at Ascend-Now is “Sit back, relax, and allow the energy to change.”  It truly is easier than ever before to receive the change you are seeking in life with Ascend-Now intuitive healer and Master Guide KristyLea Neville. KristyLea acts as your personal guide, working together with God-Creator of All, the Ascended Masters, and your personal guardian angels and guides to help you shift the blocks that are stopping you from expanding into the life you desire.

Through a series of personal focused healings that are designed for your individual needs, the work will begin in assisting and guiding you to ‘let go and allow’ the changes you are seeking. With KristyLea as your guide, you will begin to expand contracted states of your mind, body and being and move beyond the issues that have kept you from the life, joy, and success you desire.

Get started on spiritual healings today!

It all begins with focused healings specified for you personally and in time, begins to unfold into new perspectives, vibrations, truths and horizons.

Where would you like your focused healing to begin? With your body, with your mind or with your being? Tell me more! Or visit the links below to explore our three foci!

Focused Healing on the Body

Clear and heal disease, weight issues, illness and pain in the body

Begin here to release and heal your physical body from everything that holds you back in life!

Read more.

Focused Healing on the Mind

Go beyond thought to connect deeply, authentically with the self and others

Silence inner chatter, negative thought patterns and judgements allowing you to live in joy and freedom.

Read more.

Focused Healing on Being

Here you learn to expand into Oneness and experience pure, divine love!

Let go of all the lower self's judgements, control and justifications and connect to source, purpose, higher self!

Read more.

Book now and begin your spiritual healing journey


“It sounds like a remarkable, challenging, rewarding process to bring us from illusions, blocks to ecstasy of joy and being. Thank you for everything!”
Debrah B.
“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful angel card reading yesterday. Every card you turned helped me see my situation from a more positive perspective and I feel ready to let go of the fear and control I was living in around it.”
Julie B.
“What an unusual and expanding experience! Am still reveling and in wonderment of the internal changes that continue to ‘spark’ healing. Onward and Upward in joy and deep gratitude.”
Johanna K.
“I am truly grateful to Kristylea for bring this work forward and sharing it with the world.

Blessings to all who take this step to finding your Truth.”

Juliette K.

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